Sunderland Joint Formulary
NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group
South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
10-02-01 Anticholinesterases

Tablets: 15 mg
Injection: 2.5 mg/1 mL

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Edrophonium Chloride

Injection: 10 mg/1 mL
Hospital use only. This is only used as a diagnostic test in some suspected cases of MG. It has a brief effect to improve the symptoms.

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Pyridostigmine Bromide Mestinon®
Tablets: 60 mg
Used as the standard initial symptomatic treatment for MG. Maximum beneficial dose is usually 360mg daily. Steroids and other immunosuppressant drugs are used to obtain remission those with more severe disease who do not respond sufficiently well to pyridostigmine.

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Distigmine Bromide
Non Formulary

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