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Welcome to the Sunderland Joint Formulary

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The Sunderland Joint Formulary consists of medicines, which have been recommended by the Joint Formulary Committee in conjunction with Consultants, GPs and other prescribers.   The contents of the formulary are supported by:

Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group

City Hospitals Sunderland

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

The formulary is intended to:

  • encourage safe, effective and economical prescribing
  • enable safe and effective transfer of prescribing from secondary to primary care
  • facilitate continuity of treatment and minimise supply problems. 

It is not intended to be a comprehensive prescribing guide or to replace the BNF or BNF for children.

Medicines are listed in chapters and subsections that generally correspond with those in the legacy BNF .

Where appropriate the formulary gives information as to which drugs are regarded as being the first choice and alternatives.

Where no ranking of drugs is stated, products are listed alphabetically. 

Products are flagged to show if they are hospital or specialist only (‘red’), suitable for shared care (‘amber’), or ‘green plus’. 

Drugs not flagged are classified as green, and may be freely prescribed in primary care. 

Hospital doctors should not ask GPs to prescribe hospital only red drugs unless there is a very exceptional reason and agreement with the GP.

Recommended International Non-proprietary Names (rINNs) are used throughout the text, but proprietary names are used for some combination and modified release products, where brand name prescribing is recommended, or to clarify which product is listed.

Medicines with a positive NICE TAG recommendation are funded, when deemed the appropriate clinical choice for patients, no later than 90 days post NICE publication.





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